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New Blog!

Hello all and welcome to the new Buy It Nearby.com Blog! Here I will be posting information about new things regarding the site, and also various news items which are of note. Check back often to see the latest! And feel free to post your comments too!

The Site is coming along

I fixed a lot of errors with the site so now it is running much more smoothly. I also really modified the PHPBB template to reflect this site's template so it matches better. I am currently working on a new script to allow users to search for eBay misspellings and mail users whenever a search they are watching has had new items added. It will be cool!

I'm takin over

Leighton left. Leighton is gone. There is no Leighton. Now there is only me - Tyler. Tyler Dur... Just kidding - sort of.

Leighton has gotten a bit too busy to build and maintain this site so he has passed it along to me. And no, my name is not Tyler Durden, although sometimes I wish it was.

Anyway, I hope to add some features to the site to complement the map search, probably first starting with the misspelling search tool.

I am still getting familiar with the site, so things may develop slowly, but we'll see what happens.

eBay search tool demo to check out

Here is a demo of a tool that you may want to check out if you do a lot of buying on eBay:

click here to check it out.

It saved searches for you and gives you a list of pre-made searches that you can then further customize, or you can create your own from scratch if you register.

Then, when an eBay item is listed in matching your search, you'll receive an e-mail alerting you to this.

Check the demo out and you will understand if my explanation is not very clear, I don't have a lot of time right now to get into more details. I am going to watch the Bengals hopefully beat the Ravens.

site update and new eBay sniper

We now have the eBay misspelling search tool up and running. To give it a try, click on the "ebay misspell search" link located in the navigation table on the left-hand side of this page, or, click on the "eBay Typo Search" tab just below the header here on this page.

It is pretty straightforward to use (just enter in a keyword and click on the "Search" button near the bottom of the page), but I will add a description about using the advanced search options shortly.

Welcome to the New Site!

Hello and Welcome to the new Buy It Nearby.com site. I updated it over the weekend and it is now all up and running. If you would like to use the eBay Mapper, it is located by the link up top.